Your source for Quality Workplace Assistance for Safety Training & Support, Drug Free Workplace Testing, and Background Verification Services. NTS supports clients nationwide, providing onsite OSHA Outreach Safety Training, for 10-Hour and 30-Hour Construction, and General Industry Safety Courses. NTS offers Drug-Free Workplace Testing Programs, New Hire Background Verification, & Criminal Background Reports.


OSHA Outreach Safety Training
 NTS Consortium provides its clients services and assistance for their; OSHA Outreach Safety Training for the 10-hour and 30-hour Construction and General Industry Courses, training can be provided onsite at your location.  Safety Consulting for OSHA, Nevada State OSHA, DIR, OSHES Compliance.  Safety Compliance assistance provided with Written Safety Programs and Implementation Assistance, Drug-Free Workplace Testing Programs, and Pre-employment background verification & screening service.
  NTS Safety Trainers
NTS provides safety compliance and training assistance for Federal (OSHA) or State regulations. NTS Safety trainers are available to train at your location, to conduct employee training programs for OSHA safety requirements or drug-free workplace training compliance.   NTS Trainers are trained and authorized to conduct the OSHA Construction and General Industry 10-hour and 30-hour classes.
Custom Designed Turnkey Safety Polices and Programs
NTS provides custom designed turnkey safety polices and programs for OSHA or State regulatory compliance, Nevada OSHA, DIR, & OSHES.  NTSís Safety professionals will perform an on site safety review and safety audit or inspections of your facility and your safety program. This safety program review will identify safety violations ahead of time and save you from receiving costly fines from OSHA or State agencies.
Nationwide Drug Testing Service
NTSís nationwide drug testing service network for Urine or Hair testing service includes the Lab, Collection service, and Certified MRO.  NTS provides a complete drug-free workplace testing administration for Federal (DOT) or State(s) regulation compliance nationwide.
Pre-employment Background Services
NTS Consortiumís pre-employment background services can calm your hiring fears. In the world of today, companies need to know what kind of person they are hiring. You need background informationÖ and you need it quickly, assured that the information is accurate, complete, timely and cost effective.
Pre-employment Background Verification Service
NTS Consortium offers a comprehensive pre-employment background verification service to its members so they have accurate information to make the informed hiring decisions. NTS conducts background verifications and pre-employment screening for our memberís human resource departments. NTS provides employers with a timely report from our background checks and screening verification service.


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